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Carolyn - 16 - Canada - ENFJ

I like to read read (a bit too much), write (not often enough), act and sing.

I'll ship Jaime and Brienne till the day I die.

Hufflepuff, Amity,Tyrell

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I mostly post Game of Thrones, Supernatural, and Orphan Black.

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Reading : The Bone Season (seriously, go read it!) and A Dance With Dragons

Watching: Got s4

Listening to: Down River by The Temper Trap

Waiting For: the last Skulduggery Pleasant book!

Everyone wants stuff. We wake up every day with a list of wishes a mile long. Maybe we spend our lives trying to make those wishes come true, but just because we want them doesn’t mean we need them to be happy.
Valar Morghulis
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alison hendrix alphabet

↳ headbands

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flames are burning behind her eyes

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Certainty comes from   t h e   e v i d e n c e

Danny Pink in ‘Into the Dalek’

favorite character meme: [1] favorite character

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Very important “Red Lining” shots
8.03 - Robot of Sherwood